OnTrack Perfect PQQs

bigstock_World_Trading_350469PQQs or Pre Qualification Questionnaires are the first step towards winning bids from large companies and government agencies. They are the gateway to being added to the preferred supplier list and being allowed to bid for profitable projects and contracts.

These types of contracts and projects provide guaranteed income for your company, enabling business expansion and market increase. Understandably completing bids for both large and small contracts is very popular and government agencies and companies often get inundated with often unsuitable proposals and tenders.

PQQs were introduced to weed out the weak companies from those able to undertake the projects and contracts. However, PQQs can be troublesome and often puzzling to complete as well as being expensive and time consuming. There must be a better way to get on these bidding lists. I have completed hundreds of PQQs for numerous companies and know the routines.

This course, OnTrack Perfect PQQs, will explain what they are and how to profitably answer the questions contained therein as well as promote your company’s abilities. I also provide you with great examples of most of the standard documents your company will need in order to get onto the preferred bidder list. Everything your need to get on the preferred supplier list with your chosen company or government agency. I cover both the UK and the USA markets and the tips and ideas can be used for most country’s PQQs. What a great way to easily expand your company’s customer base and increase your turnover!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Write a Perfect PQQ that will enable you to bid for new projects and contracts and thus expand your business
  • Understand Pre Qualification Questionaires (PQQ) and what goes into them
  • Get onto the preferred bidders list
  • Win more contracts through the bidding process
  • Expand their business by winning more contracts and RFPs
  • Enable your business to expand by winning new business that provides a steady, gauranteed income
  • Win through to the final stages of the bidding process
  • Understand what makes a great PQQ that promotes your company’s abilities and potential
  • Obtain a bid library of standard documents that you can use in writing your own PQQs

What is the target audience?

  • A business owner or manager who is seeking to gain more contracts and project work for their business
  • Anyone who finds the whole bidding process difficult to understand
  • Any business owner or manager that wants to start bidding for government contracts

This course is a series of MP3 lessons supported by full notes in PDF format as well as numerous sample documents of many of the standard forms required.

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