FastTrack Writing Winning Proposals

In order to expand in these difficult times, companies, need to compete for new business. This often involves tendering for new projects and in order to win these tenders, it is necessary to write not only a detailed PQQ but also a compelling and winning tender. Crucially, a business must be able to differentiate themselves from their competitors, mitigate their risks and design profitable a solutions within these tenders.

This course, FastTrack© Writing Winning Proposals will show you how to:

  • Build a set of tendering tools, methods and processes.
  • Complete a typical PQQ.
  • Develop a profitable solution.
  • Design a winning tender that differentiates and sells your company.
  • Avoid any risks you might find come across.
  • Critique and review your tender.
  • Sell and most importantly WIN!

Every course is specific to your company and can be tailored to emphasise areas that you feel your company may have problems with or your weak areas.

The course is delivered by Ms Lister, an experienced trainer and bid manager using a mixture of course notes and PowerPoint slides. Several workshops and question and answer sessions will assist with understanding practicing the lessons learnt. Real life scenarios will be used and companies can supply past tenders to work with if they wish.

Only your company will attend these company specific courses. These are not open courses so you will not be sharing your tendering secrets with others.

Good Proposal Writing will take your company from Wish To Win!

  • Introduction
  • Preparing Your Company
  • Finding Your Opportunity
  • Is It The Tender For You?
  • PQQs
  • Your Tender ToolKit©
    • The Pricing Model.
    • The Costing Model.
    • Your Tender Management Matrix.
    • Risk Matrix.
    • Staff Management
  • Managing The Tender
  • Reviewing the RFP and Writing The Tender
  • What Happens Now?