FastTrack Effective Bid Management

As the world fights off a recession it is becoming ever more important that companies can compete for business and write compelling and winning bids. It is thus critical for a business to be able to differentiate themselves from their competitors, mitigate their risks and design profitable solutions.

This course will take you through the SuperBid Methodology, help you build a set of bidding tools, set up your bidding environment so that you can produce quality bids within a tight deadline. There will be several real life case studies and examples to help you maximise your chances of producing a winning bid.

This two day course is suitable for attendees that wish to delve deeply into bid management.  During the course several different bids will be investigated and evaluated.  Scenarios will be practiced and numerous workshops used.

Key Benefits From Attending This Training Course

  • Learn the skills of how to set up your own bid environment.
  • Develop a winning bid management methodology.
  • Design your own bid management tool set to help you prepare your bids.
  • Explore your company’s strengths and bidding abilities.
  • Understand the key processes necessary to deliver high quality winning bids within tight deadlines.
  • Gain the ability to recognise and mitigate risks and problem proposal requests.
  • Appreciate how to differentiate your bid from your rivals and ensure that your proposal stands out from all the others.
  • Investigate how to produce a winning solution that will place you “head and shoulders” above your competitors.
  • Produce costing and pricing models that will ensure that all your bids are profitable.
  • Discover how to prepare tenders and proposals that demonstrate an understanding of your client’s requirements.
  • Achieve the skills to define you solutions and write compelling and winning proposals.