Customised Bid Management Courses

social network structureThe Bid Manager recognises that each company has differing strengths and weaknesses as well as bidding strategies. Our customized Bid Management courses have been produced to meet ensure that modern Bid Managers can meet these demands within a stressful environment. Each course consists of animated slides, complex questions sessions and workshops in which to practice lessons learned. Each course is made up of a number of modules and usually lasts from two to five days. This course can be tailored to the client’s requirements and offered with consultancy and mentoring options. The Bid Manager will work with your company to provide the optimum mix of modules, consultancy and mentoring to meet your specific training requirements.

Core Skills Covered


  • Bid Management: the planning and control of a bid scenario, including such key tools as the “Matrix of Compliance” and the “Bid Plan”. Choosing and managing sub contractors as well as bid staff is also covered. The War Rooms set up and the Red Team responsibilities are also covered, as is the physical bid administration.

  • Project Risk: this includes providing a solution that minimises the potential areas of project risk such – under pricing, under timing, correctly scoping the project, resource deployment and acquisition, and meeting user requirements, whilst still meeting contractual and internal business criteria, without offending the client or proposing an impossible project. The management of contractors and sub contractors are also covered.

  • Proposal Preparation: how to present the proposal such that it not only stands out from other bids in terms or quality, aptness, content and presentation is key to bid success. How to ensure that the proposal complies with the ITT, all proposal risks are minimised and the proposal is feasible and cost efficient is also covered. The Project Factory and how to physically manage the proposal preparation is covered.

  • Proposal Solution: details how to ensure that, not only is the proposal technically possible, but that also the project organisation is effective. The proposed feasible deployment of resources and possible risk
    areas are also covered.

Standard Modules

Module 1: Bid Management and Methodologies

  • Bid management Golden Rules. The must do’s and must nots.
  • SuperBid overview. Introduction to the basics of bid methodology

Module 2: Controlling and Reviewing Bids

  • Bid controls and how to control risk, costs, proposal design and the solution
  • Bid reviews: risk, legal, quality and project approach reviews

Module 3: Planning a bid and the techniques you need.

  • Bid planning – planning a bid
  • Bid tool kit – processes & procedures to assist bid management

Optional Modules

Module 4: SuperBid Methodology

  • The detailed methodology -includes producing the tools required

Module 5 – Bid Risk Management

  • Understanding and planning risk within a proposal – this is a complex area and lasts for 1 day. Access to a recent company bid or proposal will be required.

Module 6 – Bid Presentation

  • The presentation of your proposal in order to win – this course usually lasts for ½ day and is optimally
    combined with module 7.

Module 7 – Bid Evaluation

  • What are they looking for? Overview, tricks and hints – this course usually lasts for ½ day and is
    optimally combined with module 6.

Module 8 – Bid Strategy

  • How to plan that winning strategy – this course usually lasts for ½ day and is optimally combined with
    module 9.

Module 9 – Bid Pricing

  • Pricing for profit, risk and success – this course is optimally combined with
    module 8.

Module 10 – Bid administration & Collation

  • Putting it all together in a controlled manner

Module 11 – Big Bids

  • How they differ and how to manage them