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The Bid Manager is the trade mark designating the bid management consultancy, mentoring, support and training offered by Ms Lee Lister, our Managing Consultant.

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The Bid Manager

Lee Lister is an International Bid Manager with more than 30 years bid management and business consultancy and training experience all over the world.Her bid management experience ranges from bids and tenders for small companies to large international and country infrastructure bids. On the internet she is known as “The Bid Manager” where she features on the major search engines with her bid management consultancy and training web sites., and She is a published author of 16 books including three on Bid Management and one on Project Management – FastTrack© Bid Management, FastTrack© The Winning Solution, Proposal Writing For Smaller Businesses and FastTrack© Project Management which can be found in major online book stores and on this site.
She has worked and trained all over the world. Whilst working in the Far East she became a recognised expert on preparing and evaluating large World Bank Proposals (infrastructure and business process projects within developing countries). She also consulted on setting the World Bank Bid Evaluation Criteria. This expertise was acknowledged by an invitation to be the principle speaker at an International Business Development Conference in Washington, USA. She has also consulted at very senior and level and with government officials in several countries. Her experience encompasses, bid management, bid evaluation, negotiation, bid training and consultancy. Some of her particular skills are:

Managing Bids

Lee has managed several large teams, including numerous sub-contractors, sometimes over several countries. She was Bid Manager for several large banking infrastructure proposals (>£1.5m), Singapore Electronic Road Pricing (£22m), Philippines’ Social Services System (£33m) and consultancy on bid specifications for tax projects in China, Cambodia. These bids included proposals involving large-scale deployment of hardware, applications and staff around “third world countries” as well as outsourcing full business processes. She has BPO and PFI experience as well as IT bid experience.

Managing Project Risk

Some of her projects, such as her tax projects, have been with extremely high risk, country wide projects where some particularly difficult bid risks were identified. These have included: taxation, price hedging, TUPE, language differences, cultural differences and working with “third world countries”. All of thise were successfully identified and mitigated.

Designing and Managing Proposal Preparation

Lee understands how to write a compelling and winning proposal. She presents = the proposal such that it stands out from other bids in terms of quality, aptness, content and presentation as well as complies with the RFP. She ensures that, all risks are minimised for the bidding company and that the proposal is both feasible and cost efficient.

Providing Bid Management Consultancy and Training

Lee has established herself as an expert bid manager on the internet with her web site She identified that there was a shortage of bid management training courses and bid consultancy for small and medium companies who could not afford to employ their own bid managers. She wrote four bid management courses; including designing a bid management methodology, to meet these needs, and sells them all over the world to companies large and small.