Bid Management Training

Bid Managers are professionals that sit between sales and project staff. Their key role is to present a proposal to a client that meets their business and cost objectives, whilst minimising risk and maximising profit for their own company.
The Bid Manager is the Trade Mark for Ms Lee Lister – an international bid manager with over 20 years experience, including large international bids. She is a renowned speaker, trainer and consultant who has designed the SuperBid Methodology to take a company From Wish to Win!
The Bid Manager recognises that bid management is a very complex subject, that is key to a company’s success in new ventures and markets.

These CD based courses will provide you with the key bid management skills and several workshops and question sessions and practice with. The last workshop can be marked by The Bid Manager of Biz Guru to provide certification. Whether you produce small proposals or large bids this course will guide you to the winning solution.

On Site Bid Management Training – our FastTrack Courses

To fully support new and aspiring bid managers, The Bid Manager offers several on site site training courses. that can be tailored to each company’s requirements. During all of our training courses the Golden Rules of Bid Management are established:

  • Manage Risk
  • Address Business Problems
  • Be Prepared
  • Anticipate Complexity
  • Comply with Bid Rules

We also explore the major business processes involved as well as produce several bidding tools to use in the future. is owned by Biz Guru Ltd

The Bid Manager is the trade mark designating the bid management consultancy, mentoring,
support and training offered by Ms Lee Lister, our Managing Consultant.

Why choose us?

  • Bid Management
  • Project Risk
  • Proposal Preparation
  • Providing Bid Management Consultancy and Training

Bid Management Consultancy

We understand that sometimes all your company needs is a little assistance during periods when you are writing bids. The Bid Manager has set up a number of consultancy options that are budget friendly whilst still providing your with expert assistance.
During consultancy the Bid Manager will advise and assist with setting up of bid management environments or with ensuring that they work more efficiently and effectively.
Additionally the Bid Manager offers email and telephone support on an as required or retained basis. This is a very cost effective method of utilising the Bid Manager’s skill and experience